Why Does Compatible Toner from Office Supply and Online Stores Fail?

Because toner is not their specialty. An office supply company has no experience in building an aftermarket toner cartridge because doing so is not a service they provide. They simply buy whatever products are pushed at them by various manufacturers, and then offer the consumer five or six different brands at a time to choose from. A reseller without product knowledge and zero product building experience has no way to know which components they should even begin to look for when it comes to the quality of an aftermarket imaging supply. They are basically in the same boat as you are.

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What Makes Laserfleet Supplies the
Best Products?

 All imaging supplies built either by or for Laserfleet contain all brand new parts. We replace every essential component, each time a cartridge gets filled. We do not use recoated components, nor do we utilize old or used parts. Two other very essential aspects of building compatible toner cartridges successfully are the methods in which the cartridges are both split and then resealed. To obtain our Overview Study of Toner Cartridge Compartment Splitting and Sealing System Methods, please contact us.

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What’s the Difference Between
Compatible and Recycled?

A compatible imaging product actually has its internal components replaced with each filling procedure, excluding the hard plastic outer shell.  A recycled or remanufactured product has little or none of its internal components replaced, and the original parts that initially came with the cartridge are reused again and again. The failure to replace worn parts is what accounts for the majority of aftermarket imaging supply failures.

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Are All Supplies which Claim to be Compatible Really Compatible?

No. Between the months of April to August 2008, Laserfleet conducted its own private study of our competitors’ toner cartridges which had the tag “compatible” associated with them.  The cartridges tested were popular, well selling brands with very nice packaging. What we found however was really quite astounding. Of the 14 different brands we studied, only 1 cartridge was found to be a truly compatible product, the remainder contained recoated parts blended with used parts.

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What is Laserfleet’s Print Industry Experience?

Laserfleet has been in the business of manufacturing compatible imaging supplies and providing laser printer services to our customers for over 23 years. In 1990 we were invited to act as the very first advisors to Static Control Components with regards to the ins and outs of creating compatible supplies. SCC today is one of the largest toner cartridge component manufacturers globally!

In order to further focus on product expansion, in 2008 we made the decision to locate a high caliber manufacturer to build a strategic alliance with. Our chosen partner is one of only two providers in the world who hold the patents for the necessary specialized equipment needed to successfully process compatible toner cartridges.

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Why Use Laserfleet?
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  • Products Tested to STMC Standards
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