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What is MICR Toner Used For?

MICR toner is used exclusively for printing checks. Because of its magnetic properties, MICR toner is very expensive and would never be used for everyday printing needs. MICR Toner allows for any individual or organization to sidestep the middleman and print your own checks for a much lesser cost.

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Why Print My Own Checks?

We’ve all heard the old adage “There are but two things certain in this world, death and taxes.” Well now, there are three more things certain, which in Ben Franklin’s day probably didn’t much apply: Check fraud, skyrocketing expenses and convenience!  Most users asked agree, these are three very good reasons to print your own checks, versus buying them preprinted by a check manufacturer!

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Why Use MICR for Printing Routing and Account Numbers?

MICR technology was first invented by the banking industry in order to more efficiently  read and sort the literal billions of checks received by various banks worldwide, based upon the numerical information given across the bottom of each check. The line must be printed with magnetic toner in order for the reader to detect the information.

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What are the Required Supplies and Equipment?

In order to print your own MICR checks, you are required to have:

  • Your own computer
  • Specialized software
  • Good quality check stock
  • A good laser printer
  • A high quality MICR toner cartridge compatible to your laser printer
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Who Sells the Best MICR Toner?

Laserfleet has been in the toner cartridge remanufacturing business since 1988, and we were one of the very first companies in the State of Michigan to ever have produced a compatible toner cartridge. For MICR cartridges, we start with only the finest iron oxide based products, precise cleaning procedures and parts replacement, and couple those with stringent quality control and testing measures. And, we do it all for less money than other companies do. In addition, we offer a full, money back guarantee against any defects for one full year from the date of purchase.

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Which Laser Printers Can Be Used?

There are several major manufacturers who make printers that have MICR toner cartridges available to use in them. Some of those brands include HP, Lexmark, Brother, Dell, IBM, and Xerox. The brand with the most vast array of choices is HP, which needless to say, is also the most popular and widely used brand on the market. Just make certain before you buy any printer for use with MICR printing, that you verify availability of a compatible MICR cartridge.

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